Social Presenting

What is Social Presenting?

Simply put, Social Presenting is the latest interactive Internet TV (IPTV) broadcasting format.

Livestreaming to a website or Social Media Platform whilst simultaneously 'Live' responding to viewers comments or calls and including them in the Show. Bringing the audience to the Presenter and the Presenter to the audience - 'Live', Direct and Uncut! Total connectivity from Presenting to Viewing - 'Live'. Making the audience the 'Stars' of the Show whilst encouraging and creating new friendships between them.


Pioneering Social Presenters

Studio Kerkyra has set the standards by streaming with Social Presenters since 2017.

Our seasoned Social Presenters, Thomas Haas and Adrian Marvell, are pioneers of Social Presenting, bringing you a mix of traditional TV and interactive livestream broadcasting.

"It is the most invigorating and ‘fresh’ form of ‘Performing’ I yet know of!"
Adrian Marvell, Creative Director & Social Presenter since 2017


Can I be a Social Presenter?

Yes you can, if you have got what it takes to keep an audience engaged for a whole livestream.

We will be providing Social Presenting online training in the near future. To register your interest please contact us.


Mobile Studio OBV

Mobile Studio OBV


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